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Ventilating and air-conditioning systems

Hollstein GmbH manufactures ventilation systems and filter technology tailored to the customer’s needs, as well as associated components and assemblies (for example, pressure vessels, filling systems and fans).

Especially in industry (production halls or warehouses) a high level of clean air is required, both for man and for technical equipment.

It is important to pay attention to the regulation of supply and exhaust air, one of our main tasks.

Individual ventilation technology or ventilation systems ensure that the CO2 content and air pollution in rooms is kept as low as possible.

We distinguish between centralized and decentralized ventilation systems during production. With centralized systems, several rooms can be supplied with air. Using appropriate duct systems, we implement the implementation, depending on the required specifications, both in explosion, fire and sound insulation.

Decentralized systems are optimally adapted to individual rooms with their individual requirements. A network of channels is omitted here.

Fire protection and ATEX standard

Different amounts of dust can be produced during production. In turn, dust formation can under certain circumstances be the cause of fire or even explosion. If required, filter technology and ventilation systems of Hollstein GmbH are manufactured according to fire protection requirements or ATEX specifications.